As Euro Bank Pukefest Resumes, Goldman's Sigma X Lights The Way

Intesa may be halted for trading on the MIB, but that sure doesn't mean that Goldman's Sigma X clients are prohibited from dumping their shares on the hedge fund's dark pool, which incidentally is always happy to accept and match client orders. Sure enough, as the puke fest in European banks resumes (and both Italy and German CDS are now materially wider on the day, the Italian 2-Year Note yield rising 30 bps to 3.95%, and the 10-Year up 20 to 5.60%), the top traded names on Goldman's dark pool once again is the who's who of insolvent European banks, starting with Italy, passing through the UK and rounding up the top 5 with Germany. But, but, the second European bailout was supposed to work? What happened?