Europe Blinks: Troika Willing To Change Terms Of Greek Bailout Deal

And so it all begins anew:

From Bloomberg: IMF, EU, ECB Open to Changes in Greek Aid Deal, Real News Says


The so-called troika of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank is willing to make six important changes to Greece’s financial aid agreement if a pro-European government is formed in the country, Real News said.


The Troika is willing to extend by one year to end 2015 the time for Greece to cut its budget deficit as well as to proceed with a restructuring of loans, the Athens-based newspaper reported in its Sunday edition preleased today, citing “well informed” sources at the European Commission.


The Troika is also willing to maintain the force of collective labor agreements, to alleviate the level of pension cuts or restore certain pensions to previous levels and to keep wage levels in the private sector and reduce the average tax burden on employees, the newspaper said.

If confirmed, and with Germany having stated repeatedly this will not happen, there is a very high possibility this is just another press-based red herring (remember all those FT headlines of an imminent Chinese bailout of Europe?) seeking to exacerbate the political power grab in Europe, where Germany is now surrounded on all sides, this will mean that the outcome of the Greek elections is no longer relevant, as Syriza will propose an adjustment to the bailout plan, Europe will promptly agree since a pro-bailout "coalition government" of ND, Pasok and Syriza will have be formed, and all shall be well, at least until the next Greek bailout in a few months. Then the country will need yet another priming DIP from Europe, and the fiasco begins anew, only this time with even less money left in Greece to be pillaged and plundered by the country's creditors. That, and of course, German capital being pledged in the form of more "contingent liabilities" which are anything but.

But for now, between a Greek "solution", and China easing again, it appears that all has been saved. If only for a few more days, which as the central planning regime is coming to an end, appears the best the planners can obtain.

At the end of the day, it is once again Mr. Panos who explained it all perfectly, and showed just who has all the leverage in Europe.