European Funding Chaos Resumes

With much of Europe's credit trading parents to the unruly equity trading children still on vacation, it is still clear that Europe's liquidity situation remains as critical as ever. 2-year EUR-USD basis swaps have pushed to new post-LTRO record lows (its costs more now than in the last five months to create USD funding from EUR for a two-year term). With performing collateral in short-supply and a world awaiting the ECB to save the day, it seems odd that basis-swaps would be bleeding worse unless the reality is that the ECB is not about to put on its cape of invincibility. European Banks are nothing but desperate to lock in term funding at these premia and while hope prevails, it would seem the banks are indeed preparing for the worst.

2Y EUR-USD basis swap at 5 month lows (lower is more negative means a higher premium to pay for USD funding)...

Chart: Bloomberg