European Liquidity Blow Out As Euribor-OIS, USD Libor, And ECB Deposit Usage All Soar To Yearly Highs

There are only three charts that matter currently for a snapshot of the liquidity pulse in Europe. And unfortunately, it continues to be in V-Fib, according to the Euribor-OIS (spread between central bank and interbank borrowing or explicit riskiness in non-printing press backstopped market), the 3M USD LIBOR (or the funding need for USDs), and the ECB Deposit Facility Usage (lack of safe alternatives on where to plant bank cash). Well, the first is at 84.9bps, +2.9, the widest since March 19, 2009, the second is at 0.343, up from 0.338%, and the widest since August 18, 2010, and deposit facility usage is at €182 billion, the widest since July 2010.


3M USD Libor...keep pressing those Credit Agricole CDS

And ECB Deposit Usage:


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