European Scramble To ECB Safety At Highest In Over A Year As ECB Deposits Surge To €167 Billion

As of Monday, which may have been a holiday in the US but was anything but in floundering Europe, the ECB held a whopping €166.8 billion in its deposit facility. This is an increase of €15 billion over Friday, and is the highest since August 2010. What this means, simply said, is that European banks are so terrified of holdings cash with each other or frankly in any market conduit not explicitly backstopped by the ECB (we will spare you the LIBOR chart, suffice it to say that 3M USD Libor increased again, this time from 0.333% to 0.336% as perfectly non-shadow interbank funding is becoming rares than hen's teeth). Between the Libor chart and the amount of cash banks have dumped en masses with Trichet (who for some reason is considered a safe locus for capital), one will have a very good perspective of just how ugly the European funding crisis is. Tomorrow we also get an update of how many if any banks borrowed USDs on the special ECB lending facility, which in turn would mean a conduit loan from the New York Fed. If the answer is affirmative, and if one or more banks did indeed borrow dollars, expect SocGen and the usual European suspects to be slammed hard as usual in regular trading tomorrow.