European Spreadwatch Alert As Italian Bank Borrowings From ECB Rise To New Record

It may not be a big rise, but the €1 billion increase in Italian bank borrowings from the ECB, from €270 billion to €271 billion in Apirl as just reported by the Bank of Italy, is still a record, and not one Italy should be proud of. The Spanish bank update is pending and will be out in a few days, although if the recent about face by Rajoy, admitting the Spanish banks are about to be nationalized, which today is no longer sending the markets higher, is an indication, it won't be a vast improvement. Sure enough, the fact that the market's attention is once again drawn to an indicator of the PIIGS financial sector insolvency is not good for sovereign spreads and at last check everyone was wider, core and periphery together, as Spain was+5.3 bps, Italy +3.8 bps, Netherlands +0.3 bps, and France 1.8 bps. Even the futures are shocking not green on more bad news.