Europe's Economic Implosion In One Chart

The chart below, courtesy of Stone McCarthy, shows monthly exports to Europe. It says enough.

From SMRA:

Following consecutive monthly gains, Exports to Europe dropped a massive $4.0 billion in April, the largest monthly decline dating back to January 2005, including a $2.8 billion drop to the EU alone. In particular, Exports to Germany declined $0.4 billion in April and are now only up about 0.2% over the past year. Overall, Exports to Europe are now down 2.7% from April 2011, the first yearly decline since February 2010. The recent slowdown of Exports to Europe supports the FOMC assessment that sluggish economic growth in Europe is likely to affect trade with the US. 


The easing of export growth does not bode well for US economy.

And since records before 2005 show more of the same, one can simply say that exports to Europe had their biggest monthly drop ever.

But don't worry: Greece Europe is irrelevant.