Even JP Morgan Is Staying Out Of This "Frightening, 10 Sigma" Market

A note by JP Morgan released today contains the following gem: "The quite frankly frightening volatility in the Italian bond market this week together with the rapid pace of political developments (nascent new governments in Greece and Italy) confirms not only a new, more extreme phase in the European crisis, one in which the very irrevocability of the euro is now up for discussion, but also the disconnect that now exists with the currency markets. Yes EUR/USD dropped but the worst daily decline was a 3-sigma move compared to the 10 sigma surge in BTP yields Wednesday followed by the 6-sigma drop today. European developments are not only dominating all other idiosyncratic fundamentals in the currency markets and leading to an extreme lack of differentiation in currency performance (chart 1), they are  generating volatility without meaningful or tradable direction. We have steered clear of any substantive cash positions in recent weeks and make no excuses for staying sidelined, especially as liquidity is likely to tail-off quicker into this year-end period than is normal in view of the degree of frustration many investors fell with their performance and the market’s volatility." So, aside from all the rearview mirror pros on twitter and various chatboards, if even JPM is staying out of this sad yoyo excuse for a market who is actually trading?


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