Everybody Print! BOJ Will Reenter Global Currency Devaluation Frenzy To Kill Yen

Following the USDJPY touching on a fresh post-WWII low earlier today, not only has Noda made the transition from simply watching to outright panicking to being on suicide watch, but the BOJ has finally freaked out (something we predicted back in April only to be just 6 months ahead of the curve). Case in point: the Nikkei just reported that the BOJ "will discuss additional monetary easing measures to help blunt the mighty yen's impact on the economy when its policy board convenes for a meeting Thursday." Specifically, the BOJ may (read) will, expand the existing 50 TRN yen asset-purchase program by 5 TRN yen, and also may consider the purchase of bonds of more than two-year maturity, thus expanding scope of program and converting it into Japan's own Operation Twist. In other words, printing goes to Japan, now that it is widely expected that no matter what Europe does, the outcome will be one of EUR weakness. Everyone knows the proclivities of the deranged Chairsatan (and for those who don't just observed the dramatic backwardation in Crude observed here first yesterday), which only leaves Shirikawa. And he has just had enough. Which in turn explains the surge in gold: with the entire world once again entering hyprintspeed mode, the only safe repository of value is now exclusively gold (sorry CHF, you are no longer relevant: thank Hildebrand and the goonies at the SNB who are quietly padding up the asset side of their balance sheet with hundreds of billions of soon to be even more worthless euros).

Presenting the trade-weighted Yen: