Fed Opens New FX Swap Line With Bank Of Japan; Second After ECB

Today, for the first time in months, the New York Fed disclosed that in addition to its outstanding $1.9 billion in swap lines with the ECB, it had opened for the first time since the swap line reopening, two new USD liquidity lines with the Bank of Japan, a 7 day and an 83 day one, for 1.1%, or just modestly more than what the 7 Day Drawn line with the ECB costs. The combined is for $102 million which brings up two questions: how much longer will the BBA pretend its LIBOR quotations are even remotely useful: after all today, according to the daily bank matrix, the most expensive 3 Month unsecured USD loan in the interbank market was 0.575% (courtesy of Credit Agricole). Yet the BOJ had to borrow from the 100x levered FRBNY at double that? Amusing. And also, just what the hell is the BOJ doing: after all in the past week the bank supposedly bought over $200 billion worth of dollars (and sold Yen) in order to weaken its currency. Where did all this money go if the bank was forced to serve as a conduit for a meager $102 million. We are sure the explanations will be fast and furious, and none of them will be right.