Federal Reserve 'Complete Re-education And Positivism' Plan About To Begin

The global printer-in-chief is about to address educators in Washington DC (via the video conference stream below) focusing on the need for personal financial education in the wake of the financial crisis. We suggested a name for the plan: The 'Complete Re-education And Positivism' Plan but given the audience was K-12 educators of economics, the C-R-A-P Plan just did not seem appropriate. Perhaps his proposal is the BTFD Plan?


Will he suggest investors do what the Fed does and buy Treasuries? If not why not? Is buying Treasuries a bad idea? Are they not safe? What should a personal financial advisor propose to his clients? Do tell Ben, do tell? How much gold should a small-town teacher hold in their personal portfolio? We can only imagine the level of hypocrisy about to begin...



There will be a Q&A - perhaps we should note down some useful questions we'd all like to know? e.g. Where do the money trees grow?