Flash Crash (Or Crash Crash) Imminent? Put On Those 19.99% Down Limit Buy Orders Now

The epic blow out accelerates with the widely followed (by the administration) DJIA dropping by over 400 points at last check. And as we warned earlier, the liquidation sell offs in PM, to no small part driven by rumors of yet another CME margin hike, are picking up pace, with silver tumbling from over $42 to just $38.50. We are very concerned we may see another Flash Crash, or Crash Crash as it would be better known assuming there is no imminent bounce back. As such we urge readers to immediately put limit buy prices across the entire S&P that are 19.99% down, as down 20% is the magical border below which the exchanges cancel all trades. Just in case, with circuit breakers at 10% for the top 1000 stocks, a 9.99% limit buy may be a better deal.


And as expected, we see another epic surge in churning.

Source Nanex