Follow The Jefferson County Chapter 9 Negotiations Live

Earlier, we noted a release that the probability of what can soon be the largest US municipal bankruptcy in history, that of Jefferson County, Alabama, is 80%. On this painfully slow day (and in the aftermath of four 400+ DJIA point swings anything would be a snooze), those who wish to follow the hearing in real time can do so here courtesy of Birmingham News. While we have described the nuances in the past, the bottom line revolves around whether the proposed debtor plan which sees a 66 cents on the dollar recovery to the creditor committee led by JPM. If indeed there is only 20% chance of default avoidance, this will likely be the catalyst event that unleashes many other comparable muni Chapter 9 filings, which would now have a case study that not only it can be done, but how it should be done.

More about the latest news in the situation in the Birmingham News

h/t Cate Long