Following "Fine-Tuning", Second Print Of Q4 GDP Lifts It Back To Initial Estimate Of 3.0%

Back on January 27, before the impact of the trillions in liquidity injections by the central banks was fully appreciated, the advance Q4 GDP print came in below estimates of 3.0%, printing at 2.8%. Today, we just got the flip flop to that, after the second revision just printed at 3.0%, on expectations of an unchanged print at 2.8%. The reason: a fine-tuning, whether seasonally adjusted or not, which improved 4 of the components of Q4 GDP (Fixed Investment, Personal Consumption, Imports, Government Expenditures), while reducing two (Inventories and Exports) nominally. Net result, a slight bump from 2.8% to 3.0% for the second Q4 GDP print. The final GDP revision will be made public on March 29 - if history is any precedent, it will be back down to 2.8%. As for the reason why the market is less than delighted with this "beat" is that with EUR Brent at record highs, courtesy of everyone else but primarily the ECB doing the equivalent of QE 3 in 2011's biggest deception play, it firmly take the Fed's punchbowl away at least for 3 months. More at 10 am when Bernanke testifies.