Following A One Month Break, PPI Resumes Climb, Rises 0.2% From -0.4% Previously, Biggest One Month Surge Since January; Core Rises 0.4%,

Following a big drop in June energy prices, which pushed the broader PPI to a one year low sequential change of -0.4%, the PPI is once again in an uptrend, rising by 0.2% in July, higher than consensus of 0.1%. Core PPI was higher by 0.4%, following the 0.3% increase in June, and double consensus of 0.2%. Energy did drop modestly in July by 0.6%, but far less than the June 2.8% drop, and was more than offset by the rise in food Producer Prices of 0.6%. In terms of various stages of production, finished core goods rose due to a 2.8% hike in tobacco products, with light motor trucks and pharmaceutical preparations also contributed significantly to the rise in the finished core index; finished foods rose primarily due to a 2.7% rise in veal prices, while energy prices dropped due a 2.8% decline in gasoline. In intermediate goods, core was led by higher prices for plastic resins and materials, which rose 2.1 percent, energy was led by liquefied petroleum gas led this advance, increasing 2.5 percent, and foods saw a 6.3% increase in natural, processed, and imitation cheese. Crude energy benefited from a 5.2% decline in crude petroleum, crude foodstuffs actually dropped 0.8% in July, led by a 9.7% decline in prices for slaughter poultry led the monthly decrease in July. Lower prices for fresh and dry vegetables also contributed to the decline in the crude foods index. As for crude core, the biggest upward price mover was a 7.0% increase in prices for copper ores was a major contributor to the monthly increase in July.

Source: BLS