Former Fed Governor Heller: "Fed Will Not Act Before Fiscal Cliff Resolved"

Perhaps it is the weight that is lifted from having to tow the propaganda life while under the influence of the Fed, but Robert Heller (ex Fed Governor) just laid out the 'translated' version of Bernanke's speech this morning. "I don't think the Federal Reserve will take any action, certainly not until the fiscal cliff, the fiscal uncertainties are actually addressed," which is similar to our interpretation of Bernanke's comments as he added "if they're not addressed and the economy falls off the cliff; yes, then you may get QE3," but "I don't see that happening before the election!" This great interview - somewhat stunningly truthy for CNBC - is well worth five minutes of your time (on this ever-so-hectic Friday before Labor Day) as Heller discusses teh fading impact of QE, the risk of enormous losses for the Fed, and the danger of believing in a 'safe' exit strategy.