Fractal Algo Strikes Again, This Time Impacts Popular Bond Bear ETF TBT

After previously testing its mettle in such markets as Natural Gas and Crude Oil, the fractal algo, just like the StuxNet virus, is now ready to progress to its real test: equity products, and specifically ETFs. Courtesy of Nanex' sharp eyes (and extremely complicated market scanners), today we have the first official spotting of the fractal algo moving away from commodities and into extremely popular ETFs, in this case the bearish bond synthetic CDS better known as the TBT. The pattern below is quite unmistakeable. It is quite amazing that just one algorithm can override the entire market and determine the trading pattern of some as hugely popular as an ETF which most hold. We expect that very shortly, we will be observing daily fractal patterns in that most liquid and traded product of all- the SPY, as the market proceeds to become nothing more than a real life version of Nuke-em Duke-em robots.


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