French Presidential Election Live Tracker

The second round of the French presidential election is by now well underway, with just 5 hours left in the voting day, a 30.66% voter turnout by noon (compared to 34.11% in the runoff round in 2007) according to the Ministry of the Interior, and in which the first exit polls give Hollande an expected 52.5-53% lead over Sarkozy. While not much can be disclosed by law until polling stations close at 8pm, our French speaking readers can find the best live blog of the election at Le Figaro, while for everyone else we recommend the following live feed of France24 TV in English with the best election coverage. At this point one thing is certain: it will take either a miracle, or Diebold, to prevent the official launch of Horkel (which we are more partial to, as we coined it, than Merlande), or in those rare occasions when the media establishment has has enough of being lied to, Merde.

France 24 live (click on News then Live if live feed not launch automatically):

And Le Figaro google translated live blog feed:


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