Friday Humor Part 1 - The Reverse Nigerian Scam Email

Best if read in the context of the "Nigeria gets out of Dodge" post from earlier.

Dear Nigerian Scammer,




I am a Greek Prince desperately trying to get my money out of the country but because of restrictions on the amount of money one can take out of Greece I'm worried my vast wealth will disappear when my country is booted out of the Euro.


I need you to let me transfer the sum of 38,000,000 Euro into your bank account as a matter of great urgency.  I am willing to pay you 75% of this deposit in return for your help.


If you agree to help, please send me your bank account details and your sisters vital statistics.  You will have to send me the transfer fees of 76,000,000 Euro or the bank won't put the money in your account.  Do this immediately, my terminal illness will prevent me completing the transfer if you don't send me all your money now.


Please hurry, my fortune is vaporising quickly.



h/t Overdrawn