Frontrunning: July 26

  • Frenemies: Two Greek Rivals Hold Nation's Fate in Balance (WSJ)
  • Obama Attacks Republicans over Debt Talks (FT)
  • Swift U.S. Action on Debt Needed in Global Interest: IMF (Reuters)
  • FHA May Be Next in Line for Bailout: Delisle and Papagianis (Bloomberg)
  • And the requisite NYT editorial piece: The Republican Wreckage (NYT)
  • Bank Lobbyists Push European Members to Support Greek Debt Rollover Plan (Bloomberg)
  • A Global Economy Held Hostage by Lehman (RCM)
  • Banks 'Safe from Debt Defaults' But the Days of Double-Digit Growth May Be Over (Australian)
  • Is Obama Wall Street’s Best Friend or Mortal Foe? (Bloomberg)
  • Coalition Braced for Stagnant UK Growth (FT)
  • Investors Agree to Buy €1.1bn BoI Shares (FT)
  • Geithner Urges Greek Finance Minister to Continue Reform (Reuters)
  • Downgrade Threat Looms (WSJ)

European economics news:

  • Germany GfK Consumer Confidence Survey for August 5.4 lower than expected Consensus 5.6 Previous 5.5 (Revised from 5.7)
  • France Consumer Confidence Indicator for July 86 higher than expectedConsensus 82 Previous 83
  • Switzerland UBS Consumption Indicator for June 1.48Previous 1.88 (Revised from 1.91)
  • Sweden PPI for June 0.1% mom -0.2% yoy lower than expectedConsensus 0.2% mom -0.1% yoy Previous -0.9% mom 1.0% yoy
  • UK GDP 0.2% qoq in line with expectations 0.7% yoy slightly lower than expectedConsensus 0.2% qoq 0.8% yoy Previous 0.5% qoq 1.6% yoy
  • UK Index of Services for May 1.6% mom higher than expectedConsensus 0.8% mom Previous -1.2% mom


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