G-Pap Wins Vote Of Confidence 153-145

And so G-Pap manages to fool everyone once again, and will now usurp power either directly or via his puppet Venizelos.

A brief summary from The Guardian, which conveys the point of view of Veni, who naturally thinks he is next in line.

From Evangelos Venizelos's aide.

"It's a done deal" the aide says. Papandreou will step aside to make way for Venizelos.

"Papandreou will propose that Venizelos becomes prime minister and he will go home."

The new Pasok-dominated government will join forces with smaller parties in the 300-seat parliament.

"In unofficial talks they have agreed to do this and the new government will have a majority of 180 seats," the aide said. "The conservative New Democracy party has made clear that they don't want to collaborate so we will do it this way."

Must emphasise that the word "unofficial" in that quote. Not least because the aide was speaking as voting continued - but it appears that Papandreou is heading for victory....