G-Pap's Referendum Bomb Was Secret Even From His Finance Minister

Things in Greece are becoming absolutely surreal after Reuters has disclosed that G-Pap did not even tell his FinMin Venizelos (who earlier was hospitalized with stomach pains... yes, we know) that he was about to announce a referendum. From Reuters: "Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou had not informed his Finance Minister, Evangelos Venizelos, he was going to announce a referendum on the latest EU aid deal, a Greek government official said on Tuesday. "Venizelos had no idea about the referendum. All he knew about was the vote of confidence," a government official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. "He told Papandreou he should inform foreign partners and a letter was drafted in the early morning hours." What can one say but "coordinated decision-making."


Venizelos, who is leading talks with the EU, the IMF and banks on the country's bailout and debt swap deals, spoke on the phone with top officials on Tuesday, a day after the announcement, a finance ministry official said.


"Venizelos spoke with (German Finance Minister Wolfgang) Schaeuble, (IIF head Josef) Ackermann, (EU Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli) Rehn, (IMF mission chief for Greece Poul) Thomsen in an effort to save the sixth aid instalment, the PSI and the bailout deal as a whole," said a finance ministry official who requested anonymity.

And since G-Pap has successfully dumped a Trojan Horse right in Europe's lap, now it is time for others to scramble. According to Dow Jones, French president Sarkozy is to meet the PM, central bank governor, finance minister, budget minister and foreign minister in response to the G-Pap stunner.

What else does the wily Greek have up his sleeve? Good question - nobody else knows.