Germany Pulls The Punchbowl As Usual

If yesterday was a repeat of the market action from that day three weeks ago before the last FinMin conference, when everyone expected Germany to announce it had agreed to a bank deposit guarantee, then today is, logically, day after. Because just like back then, so now, Germany has once again made it clear that it will first see the EUR crushed, and all off Europe begging for a bailout (as in the case of Spain - when presented with reality, they all will beg the one with the cash to come to the rescue). To wit from the German Finance Minister, via Stern magazine:

  • Schaeuble Rejects European Redemption Fund: Stern Magazine
  • German finance minister says redemption fund would violate EU treaties, in interview with Stern magazine

So contrary to the ridiculous hopes floated yesterday, and the even more ridiculous market levitation in response, there will be no banking union, no deposit guarantee, and no redemption fund. Well, there will be: on either of two conditions. European countries give up their sovereignty, which will likely never happen - this is, after all Europe - or it may if the respective local stock market are trading just north of zero, or if the bailout targets pledge their gold as decribed before. After all, it is quid pro quo Clarice.

Everything else is merely noise to make the required market crash to activate Germany's grand master plan, gentle and orderly.