Get A Citi Rewards Card, Buy Women

When spending rewards dollars on things like knife sets, LCD TVs and restaurant reservations is just a little too 2011, here comes Citi to spice things up a bit.

Consumerist tries to make some sense of Citi rewards' incentives... and fails:

Is there no limit to what banking rewards programs will cover these days? Flights, hotel rooms, rental cars, electronics, women. Wait -- what?


Consumerist reader F. is a member of Citi's Extra Cash rewards program and saw they could earn 100 points just for taking this survey. But when F. got to this question about "What products or services are you considering purchasing using your Extra Cash?", they noticed that apparently Extra Cash can be spent on adult human females.


We're sending this to Citi, because we're pretty sure this isn't what the survey was meant to say.

Maybe this is a special Citi card only designed exclusively for bankers, in which case it would make perfect sense of course. We would imagine however that only taxpayer bailout cash would be used for female purchases. Anything less would just be uncivilized.

And here we were thinking that HFT trading was cutthroat: it seems that when it comes to differentiating yourself in the saturated credit card rewards industry it is a truly no holds barred nuclear war. And no woman will be spared... Or overpriced.

Finally, we hear "Politicians" was just below the fold.

h/t Josh Zumbrun