A Glimpse Of What Is Really Happening In China

Earlier today, the Chinese Internet (yes, it is its own category) experienced a glitch in the matrix. Whether this is due to further potential confusion over the fate of Bo Xilai (and/or any rumors of a concurrent/past/future military coup), or just overall confusion as to what is actually happening in the country, or simply mere censorship gone uber-wild is unclear. As the WSJ explains it, "At around 11 a.m. local time Thursday, China’s Internet suddenly began behaving very strangely. People inside China reported being unable to access some Chinese web sites like Sina’s Corp’s portals as well as popular foreign web sites not normally blocked by China’s firewall. Simultaneously, Internet users outside China, including in Hong Kong, reported difficulties accessing key Chinese sites, like search engine Baidu and the website of the People’s Bank of China." And while we have no idea of what is going on behind the scenes, we are fairly confident what isn't. Such as the country growing at a 9% as has been wildly speculated all day in what some suggest is a leak of Chinese official data. For a glimpse of what is going on, we went to get some local color such as this message board posting at CND.org. Is this the full story? Of course not. But neither are the endless lies peddled by the PBOC and the CCP. Our advice: keep the below in mind while reading any economic data coming out of the country Ministry of Truth and Bureau of Propaganda in the coming weeks and months. Because if today's Internet glitch is any indication, things behind the scenes are truly starting to heat up.

Google translated from CND.org (original link)

Bo Xilai event uproar obscures the attention of people more serious underlying crisis. Continental Bureau of Statistics released the latest economic data 1,2 show that the economy has begun to negative growth in the profits of industrial enterprises in China fell sharply, the real estate bubble has burst, and a sharp rise in banks' bad chain. Of course, this is Communist China two decades despite all spoiled countries attempt to delay the inevitable results of it perish fate. Finally broke out of these evil consequences.


Serious inflation triggered a sharp rise in labor costs. As a major processing plants in China, from the beginning to put the operating profit too absurd. Government export subsidies makes the price of many products is equal to or even below cost. Serious inflation, the basic cost of living is greatly improved today, the CCP is extremely irresponsible to administrative means to burden enterprises. This will inevitably lead to a large number of business failures and unemployment soared.


The real estate bubble burst is continuing, when the panic crash, who also can not predict. But the fairy tale of the real estate prices sky-high price, the vacancy rate as people stunned and appalling rough housing,


China's real estate crash is the inevitable result of leading to the collapse of the Chinese economy.


Chinese people are not stupid. Madness out the transfer of assets in addition to the corrupt officials, in recent years made their fortunes in the size of the rich and a large part of the property firmly Dangdang arrived to a foreign land. If you analyze the many companies the company's financial will find they are barely sufficient funds in operation, because the bosses an excess money quickly take away. It also can not blame them, we all know this is a land of block no tomorrow. Therefore, when the collapse of the Chinese economy, you understood why banks are empty shells at the same time, but also a loss for words to face the many deserted the once mighty booming company.


Of course, the Chinese Communist upper struggle for power will be in this last scene was very impressive and ugly bestiality on its head. Finally, you will find that they are not only some of the hypocrites, bandits, wolves, is an absolute coward.


Like many of the dictatorship, as the collapse of the CCP's very likely as volcanic eruptions, sudden and violent. Many hands were stained with the blood of people of corrupt officials is certainly as much as possible to flee his country, I thought it was for them, the Chinese at home and abroad should be concerted action, urged the international community treatment to war criminals, not only confiscated all of them with their associated property, and be tried and brought to justice. This is not only for the Chinese people are cruel persecution torture a proper explanation, but also a warning to all present and future of brutal rulers.

And this is what the Ministry of Truth is censoring in the past month, accrdoing to China Digital Times