Global Bailout Curiosity Soars

If Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain can do it, why not everyone? Heck, why pay for anything, instead of just ramping up debts, until the consolidated debt load is so high the Fed has no choice but to bail everyone out? Of course, this is purely a thought experiment (for now... there are still 5 months in the presidential race). Still, we were curious to see if there is validation of this meme "out there" - and to do this we of course went straight to the source - Google's most recent addition in tracking public queries, Insights for Search, and looked up the term "bailout." We were not at all surprised to find the English-speaking world's curiosity in this particular synonym for a 'free lunch' (with other people's money) has exploded in the last few weeks.

The regions that appear to have the greatest interest in perpetual socialism:

  1. Ireland
  2. United States
  3. Singapore
  4. Canada, and 
  5. UK

Sounds about right: source


And further drilling down into just the US, while seeing DC in the top spot, and Michigan in third was quite normal, finding Montana, Oregon and the hedge-fund haven, Connecticut filling out the remainder of the Top 5 was a little disconcerting.

Just the United States- source