Gold Storms Above 200 DMA

Remember when various economics professors and self-anointed Ph.D'ed market timers said to sell everything because the gold 200 DMA had been breached to the downside, never to be crossed back again, to which our simple retort was, "Many are doing their damnedest Ph.D.-best to somehow fuse economic theory and technical charting, and state that a breach of the 200 DMA in gold is indicative of imminent price collapse. And then there are facts. Such as this nugget from Stone McCarthy which looks at previous episodes of the 200 DMA breach and concludes based on severity of trendline penetration compared to average, that "this is just one reason we see strong potential for a rebound as participants reduce short exposure." So much for technicals." Sure enough: less than a month later, and $100 higher, gold is right back above the 200 DMA. Oh, and we expect to hear nothing from said academics for a long time.