A Gold (And Physical Platinum) Bug At The Fed?

While we first presented Bill Dudley's financial disclosure two days ago, we did so to present the New York Fed's president, and former Goldman managing director's, implicit need to perpetuate the status quo from even purely personal wealth reasons (AIG and GE waiver issues aside). Yet that a Fed member, especially a Goldman alum, is deeply enmeshed within the fabric of the existing, and failing, monetary system is not all that surprising. What is far more surprising, is that the Fed's FOMC may well have a gold bug within its midst, because we were rather surprised to find that none other than the Dallas Fed's Dick Fisher, who however is no longer a voting Fed president in the 2012 year, is a proud owner of at least $1 million worth of Gold in the form of the GLD ETF....and another up to $250K in physical (not paper) platinum. Which begs the question: is Fisher the only Fed president to have seen the light and to put a substantial portion of his wealth in the only asset class that benefits in real terms, from the perpetuation of the Fed's dollar, and fiat broadly, debasement strategy?

Full Richard W. Fisher financial disclosure