Goldman Denies CNBC Report It Raised Its Payroll Forecast: Squid Sees Only 50,000 Increase In NFP, And Expects Downside Risk

Remember when some soon to be without any credibility media outlet (BLOOMBERG - GOLDMAN BOOSTS FORECAST FOR SEPT.PAYROLLS TO 91K:CNBC) reported less than an hour ago that Goldman hiked its NFP forecast? Well, said media "outlet" got it wrong. In fact Goldman's forecast is only for a 50,000 increase in NFP. Just out from Goldman: "The ISM non-manufacturing index was about unchanged in September at 53.0, and close to the consensus forecast (52.8). Encouragingly, the indexes for new orders and overall business activity both increased during the month (the new orders index rose by 3.7 points to 56.5). The new export orders deteriorated, suggesting the improvement in new orders reflected domestic demand. The uptick in orders and overall business activity sentiment are good signs for near-term growth momentum.In contrast, the employment component of the report fell by 2.9 points to 48.7. This indicator suggests downside risks to September payroll employment growth, at least partly offsetting the better-than-expected news from the ADP report this morning. Overall we see a bit of upside risk to our forecast for a 50,000 increase in nonfarm payrolls, but we have not made any changes to our estimate (an incorrect report that we changed our estimate was circulating this morning)." And as Zero Hedge already explained, "Interestingly detailed comments from survey participants suggest that confidence and uncertainty may be weighing on activity, and that firms are downbeat about the 2012 outlook." Sorry guys, Goldman hates this economy, and will not relent until Bernanke launches a $2 trillion LSAP. But feel free to sell your gold to Goldman which is buying up every ounce.


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