Goldman Now Aggressively Selling Apple To Clients, Hikes Price Target To $600

In case one was wondering how the Goldman trading team was axed in Apple, we now know that they are pushing their inventory of stock in the name out of the door and to clients harder than ever, having just released a forecast with a $600 price target. However, with nearly 200 hedge fund holders in the name, and pregnant to the teeth in the stock, we fail to find who the incremental buyer of GS' AAPL stock will be.

From the report:

We are raising our estimates after this quarter’s upside results. For FY2012, we forecast revenues of $148.26 billion and EPS of $40.36, up from $138.34 billion and $35.13. Our forecast now calls for revenues and EPS of $166.09 billion and $44.55 in FY2013 and $186.24  billion and $49.10 in FY2014, up from $160.55 billion and $40.03, and $180.83 billion and $43.50, respectively. Even after this quarter’s  upside, we believe the year is chock full of catalysts to drive further share price momentum. We continue to expect a late March quarter  iPad refresh and a lower price point for the iPad 2, as well as a mid-year iPhone refresh. We believe the MacBook Air will continue to gain share in the PC sector, and we believe Apple will finally launch an iOS-based television in late 2012 or early 2013. Finally, our expectation for a dividend announcement this year could represent a critical catalyst that brings a new class of investors into the stock.

Yes: dividend investors. And also a catalyst for the outflow of growth investors.

Full report:



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