Goldman's Market Summary Is Spot On

For once the squid is actually 100% correct, with or without the usual dose of dodecatuple reverse psychology.

Metaboring: it’s getting boring to make the comment that equities are again boring. Or maybe that’s called boring-squared. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is boring-cubed. To reinforce the point that nothing much is moving, our US portfolio strategy team has 20 ‘thematic baskets’ (that I can see on BBG anyways), and not a single one moved more than 1% today. None of the 8 ‘macro baskets’ moved more than 50bps.

And there you have it. What is unsaid is that unless vol, and volume, pick up as we cross the half way mark of Q3, bank earnings for the quarter ended September 30 are going to be absolutely horrific. So get ready: the Goldmans of the world want to inject some major vol (and volume) into the market. And what Goldman wants, Goldman gets.