Greece Launches Rent-A-Cop To Fill Empty Public Servant Coffers

Now that the time has come to expect Greek March economic data, which will show an acceleration in the total financial collapse of a society which is merely used as an intermediary to bail out insolvent European banks, something that virtually everyone takes for granted, together with a third bailout package sometime in the late summer, we can focus on the more entertaining developments out of the country that has become a symbol of all that is broken in Europe. Such as this story from Greek Protothema that one can now hire a cop for as little as €30/hour. €20 more gives one the option of chosing between the Athenian version of Erik Estrada, together with bike and ambiguous sexual tendencies, or a K-9 option. Finally, for those who are in need of urgent transport from point A to point B in total security, the Greek police choppers can be had for as little as €1500 an hour. In other words, one can own a 24/7 full-time militia of 20 policemen for as little as €14,400 a month. Naturally, the Greek PD has stooped so low because it simply has no money, and in its attempt to protect and serve, it has to do a little paid moonlighting on the side. As to what happens when all the wealthy robber barrons and tax evaders in Greek society end up owning all the officers in circulation, leaving the rest of the country defenseless, well, we are confident the local underworld elements will be more than happy to find out just what the consequences of that particular outcome will be. But at least Greece is still in the euro. And that's all that matters.

According to Protothema, police officers can be engaged for example to accompany transports of valuable goods or as bodyguards. There will also be bulk discounts for good customers. Google translated:

The police explained that these services "in exchange for payment" to a "convoy of explosives and / or hazardous materials, private high-value goods, works of art and cash, accompanying security services to persons and training services to individuals, resources and facilities to film and television productions. " As noted, "the consideration to be paid, subject to approval of this request, revert to the State Budget as public revenue in order to recoup the costs of provision of logistical equipment and infrastructure of the Greek Police, but also to upgrade in order not to affect the primary task and services to citizens. " The Hellenic Police officials argue that "for years by the services offered free of charge without any payment of compensation to the Greek State on the experience and expertise of Police Authorities, "while stressing that" support is offered in several EU Member States on the same terms, conditions and procedure for approval and payment of consideration."

So with various government services now being rented out to the highest bidder, how long until prison wardens will be happy to hold open door happy when one of their guests offers them a little "bailout" of their own? Or until the local banks "rent out" their deposit base to other, still solvent banks? Or until virtually any other public servant does whatever he is supposed to do, only if some comparable "rental" payment is incurred?

Because that, not with a bang, but a banker-induced, technocrat-facilitated chokehold whimper, is how society dies. But, again, at least Greece is still in the euro. And that's all that matters.