Greek Bank Run Continues Unabated: €3.8 Billion In June Outflows Bring Total Deposit Base To Mid-2007 Levels

Who could have possibly imagined that in the month of June, Greek banks would see yet another major deposit outflow. Alas, according to just released NBG data, June deposit outflows by households and corporates amounted to €3.8 billion, bringing the total down to just €188 billion. This is a whopping 20% decline in total Greek bank deposits since January 2010. It also means that each increasing outflow merely plants the seeds for even more outflows in the next month as less and less confidence (and cash) remains in Greek banks. As a reference, an equivalent outflow in the US, based on the total $8 trillion in total domestic deposits, would imply a $160 billion monthly outflow, enough to put two Bank of Americas out of business. We expect to see comparable data out of the Bank of Italy, and then all other pigs, as billions of euros are being pulled from deposit accounts in insolvent countries and deposits in Switzerland. Naturally, it also means that European efforts to quell the panic are failing abysmally.