Greek Parliament Speaker Hires His Daughter During His Only Day On The Job

There are no hyperbole in this headline. Nepotism is not just alive but it is blatant and thriving in Greek politics. As Athens News reports revelations that Vyron Polydoras, who held the position of speaker for just a single-day during the hung parliament of May 2012, rushed to hire his daughter - Margarita - as an employee of his office. Not only did he hire her on his one and only day in office, despite defending himself by stating he was entitled to hire up to six staff, but he also managed (all in this one day remember) to approve a two million euro 'election bonus' for his staff and police. We suspect the TROIKA will be permanently boots-on-the-ground here for a lot longer than anyone believes - and if we hear the word 'committed' or the phrase 'trust us', we know its all over.