Greek PM Releases Statement On Troika Deal

A brief, three sentence press release which talks about issues "left open for further elabortaion and discussion" but which certainly notes that the agreement's so called passage opens up the way for €130 billion in fuirther financing. It remains to be seen what the Troika's response to this PR is. We already know how the Greek people feel.

Google translated from the PM's office:



Athens, February 9, 2012


Completed this morning with the success of government consultation with the Troika on the subject, which was left open for further elaboration and discussion. The political leaders agreed on the outcome of these consultations.


Therefore there is a general agreement on the new program in view of tonight's meeting and the Giourogkroup. As is known, the program came with the new loan agreement with which Greece will be financed with 130 billion euros.

And the re-release in English:

The agreement with the troika has been completed


Prime Minister’s Press Office
Thursday, February 9, 2012


The government’s discussions with the troika were concluded successfully this morning on the issue which had remained open for further elaboration. The political leaders have agreed on the result of these discussions.


Thus there is general agreement on the content of the new program, in view also of this evening’s Eurogroup meeting. This program accompanies the new loan agreement to finance Greece with 130 billion euro.


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