The Greek PSI Lawsuits Begin

You didn't think investors would voluntarily give up on the potential to generate returns between 50% and 333% now did you following the 'coercively voluntary' (aka Schrodinger Spanish Inquisition) Greek debt exchange? Because here they come. Reuters reports that a Hamburg law firm representing 110 Greek bond holders have formed a class action group and intend to sue banks and the Greek state following the Greek swap. It is unclear yet if there are any hedge funds participating in the group, or if these are the entities represented by Bingham. Most likely not: those will almost certainly seek non-class action status so as not to dilute the legal effort, if not fees. However, now that the precedent is set, look for the onslaught of lawsuits to start in earnest. What is probably quite important is that European taxpayers will now be delighted to know they are paying the Troika lawyers' $1000/hour legal fees (and uncapped expenses).

From Reuters:

Lawyers in Germany representing 110 Greek bond holders said on Monday they have formed a class action group and intend to sue banks and the Greek state following last week's Greek bond swap, which slashed more than 100 billion euros from Athens' debt.


The Hamburg legal firm said most of the investors had spent 100,000-500,000 euros on Greek paper, although the highest investment reached 3 million euros.


It did not name any of the banks it might targett.


The suit, likely to be filed in Washington, will claim banks failed to properly advise clients about the risks of Greek paper and seek compensation.


Separately, lawyers will argue that Greece, in orchestrating a debt swap, infringed against a German-Greek investment treaty intended to protect German investors from political risk.


Lawyer Matthias Groepper of legal firm Groepper Koepke said those who had agreed to the terms of the debt swap would be unable to claim compensation.


This would prevent any suit derailing the overall deal.

And here is the official google translated statement from the law firm:

The State shall be liable - Investors are preparing lawsuits lawyers. Groepper KÖPKE has established an interest group for victims. More by lawyer Matthias Gröpper.


Hamburg / Athens, 03.12.2012. The Hamburg-based investors Groepper KÖPKE lawyers lawyers have formed a protective association for buyers of Greek bonds and represent the demands of more than 110 Greek bond offerings. The investor advocates are preparing the first compensation lawsuits against banks and the state of Greece.


Have cut the debt are private investors who bought Greek government bonds, particularly affected. You lose the current state of affairs up to 90% of their investment.


This must not be. On the banking and capital markets specialist national institute of investor protection firm Groepper KÖPKE lawyers has formed a protective association, representing Greece-bond claimant. Attorney Matthew Gröpper: "The victims have been discussed frequently wrong. If you did not tell the bank that they can lose their entire effort, she is liable. "The banks should have known at least since the Argentine collapse that government bonds are not sure.


In addition, should adhere Greece. The Greek government intends to investors who have not expressly agreed to the debt, effectively expropriating the retroactive adoption of CACs. Gröpper lawyer: "This is illegal. Between Germany and Greece, is an investment protection agreement. The contract protects the German investors to invest in Greece to political risks. Greece, the investor in case of   Expropriation compensation. And that we believe would be a case of expropriation. "


The claims must be made ??in most cases in London, Washington or in Athens. Groepper KÖPKE lawyers is working with American, British and Greek lawyers.


Greece is broke, I get no money either way. Gröpper lawyer: "This is not true. The state has significant assets outside its territory. Just think of the messages. These are valuable properties. In a lawsuit against Argentina, an Argentine warship was seized. This brings millions. This could be related to the settlement of compensation claims against Greece also be conceivable. "


Groepper KÖPKE advises lawyers: injured investors should have their claims by the banking and capital markets law specialized lawyer. Many victims can claim damages. 


Contact Person: Mr. Matthias Gröpper lawyer, the lawyer Ms. Catia Sofia Neves Sequeira