The Harsh Reality In Greece

As rumors circulate regarding recaps, EuroTARPs, nationalizations, no-need-for-new-capital, no-NET-exposure-to-French-banks, we point out that Greek government bonds (GGBs) have quietly crept into the night with the 2Y price breaking below EUR40 for the first time and the long-end bond prices breaking below EUR30 for the first time. Given the 20% haircuts in the stress tests and the 60-70% haircuts the markets are expecting, we can only guess at banks need for capital - or will MtM suspension magically wipe all of those fears away? Meanwhile, away from the headline grabbing PIIGS, Germany CDS is +7bps at 113bps, Austria is 15bps wider at 185bps, and Belgium just broke 300bps.



And a mere three weeks after the miraculous merger (that will save everything), Alpha Bank has dropped almost 57% from its highs that day!!


Chart: Bloomberg


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