Has Juncker Gone Insane? Eurogroup Head Says German Debt Levels "Cause For Concern"

And so Europe bites the hand that feeds it:

  • EU's Juncker says that German debt level is a cause for concern according to a German newspaper - RTRS
  • EU's Juncker says Germany has higher debts than Spain but 'no-one wants to know about that' - RTRS

What could have possessed this pathetic bureaucrat to criticize the only strong country in Europe is beyond imagination: if this is how he hopes to get Germany nervous about its debt levels and agree to monetizing, he is about to get a pretty brutal lesson in what it means to serve Le Bic Mac at 3:15 am on Luxembourg Strasse. Needless to say the Euro is not happy. We anticipate an immediate retraction saying his words were taken out of context as this is noting short of all out war between the EU and Germany.

As for who is most screwed when adding up all the debt, not just government, here is why Juncker may want to keep his mouth shut.

Source: Of Two Minds