Here Is This Morning's Massive Econ Data Dump

Just the summary for now:

  • CPI: 0.4%, Core 0.2%, consensus for both was 0.2%; Inflation higher than expected
  • Initial Claims, +428, Exp. 411K, up from 417K (414K was revised upward of course); 22 out of 21 400K+ prints; Employment looking bad again
  • Empire Index: -8.82; Exp. -4.0, , decline from -7.72 previously; 4th consecutive decline; Manufacturing continues to look ugly
  • Q2 Current Account: -$118 billion, exp. -122.4 billion; Previous revised lower from -119.3 billion to -$119.6 billion. Irrelevant for current GDP data, and only relevant for the final Q2 GDP revision.

Visualizing the initial claims:


Empire Fed: