Here We Go: US Futures Plunge As Milan, Dax Down 5%, Italian Fins Halted, EURUSD Sub 1.41

It is unclear what just spooked the market, but whatever it is, stocks have had enough fun for the day. After the ECB just announced that it had monetized a whopping E13.3 billion in the past week, nearly double expectations, and a total of E134 billion since the SMP program's inception, the market took one quick look at just how effective this program has been, shuddered, and plunged realizing that neither ECB intervention, nor the shorting halt is doing anything at all. As a result, ES is now down 21, EURUSD just dropped below 1.41 (Chinabot is about to give up), and rolling halt of Italian banks have started, with Intessa, Mediaset and Impreglio all halted. We expect UniCredit to follow suit as usual.


And bond purchases: