HSBC China PMI Contracts, Tumbles To 32 Month Low Of 48, From 51 Previously

Adding Asian insult to European injury we just got the Preliminary HSBC China November PMI reading which posted the first drop since July, tumbling from 51 to 48, which is a 32 month low. Expect risk to be solidly off for the balance of the night... and then the BTPs will resume trading. Only this time they will be accompanied by the OATs which will likely spike to record yields on fears of an imminen French downgrade courtesy of the Dexia debacle.

and diging intop the subindices - not pretty at all - Output at 32-month lows also, New Orders at multi-month lows, and Output Charges and Input Prices back to mid 2009.

HSBC's Chief Asian Economist noted "The dipping headline manufacturing PMI implies that IP growth is likely to slow further to 11-12% y-o-y in the coming months, as domestic demand cools and external demand is set to weaken despite the still resilient new export orders."

Charts: Markit Economics