India Launches Nuclear Missile Test As South Korea Preps Cruise Missiles For Retaliation

Within the last few minutes, Bloomberg has popped up a few rather disturbing headlines - that for all intent and purpose have been totally ignored by the trading public at large (obviously WWIII is priced in).

  • India Test Fires Long-Range Missile Agni-V, CNN-IBN Says
  • S.Korea Deploys Missiles in Case of N.Korea Provocation: Yonhap 

So Asia in general is in major sabre-rattling mode tonight with the following comment: South Korea’s military will firmly and thoroughly punish North Korea for any reckless provocation, Yonhap cited Shin as saying. We choose 'not to play'.

Via Bloomberg,

April 19 (Bloomberg) -- South Korea’s military has deployed cruise missiles capable of hitting key nuclear and missile facilities in North Korea, Yonhap News said, citing South Korea Major General Shin Won Sik.

South Korea’s military will firmly and thoroughly punish North Korea for any reckless provocation, Yonhap cited Shin as saying


Via Deccan Herald,

India fires nuke-tipped ICBM Agni-5
Bhubaneswar, April 19, 2012, DHNS

The country's first long range inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) Agni-5 was successfuly test-fired from Wheeler Island, off the Odisha coast on Thursday.

The maiden test launch of India’s most advanced missile—Agni-V, was put off late on Wednesday evening by a day because of inclement weather conditions.

Official sources said the DRDO scientists who had been working hard for the test launch for more than two weeks  decided to call off the test during the last minutes because of heavy lightning in the sky on the north Odisha coastline.

The test firing of the indigenously developed ballistic missile has assumed significance because its success would push India into the elite club of the five militarily powerful nations -- US, Russia, UK, France and China who have the capability to develop and launch a nuclear capable inter-continental missile.

The 17.5 metre long missile weighing 50 tonnes can travel up to 5,000 km to hit a target carrying both conventional as well as nuclear warheads of 110 kg.

If defence sources are to be believed, the prominent  missile is scheduled for induction into the armed forces within the next two years. However, it had to be successfully test fired several times during the next one year before its scheduled entry into the forces.


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