Industrial Production Plunges Most Since March 2009

In one more example of why we are going to need more-er and open-ended-er QE from the Fed, today's dismal data rolls on. Industrial Production dropped 1.2% MoM - its largest drop since March 2009 - and missed expectations by the most since December 2008. The market (expectedly) is unimpressed and stable - fully aware that the Fed's new infinite QE will simply be expanded to an infinte-er QE should things go from worse to worse-er. To add more salt to the wound, Capacity Utilization dropped to its lowest of the year and missed expectations by its most in 16 months. 15x P/E multiples here we come - all supported by moar hockey-stick growth trajectories, infinity +1 printing, and a status quo who needs moar commissions. So much for cleanest dirty shirt, eh? It seems 'they won't come' in our 'if we build it' economy - as factories go quiet from the over-exuberant mal-investment of channel-stuffers.

Industrial Production plunges....


as does Capacity Utilization....


Charts: Bloomberg


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