Interactive Brokers Warns Gold Margin Hike Imminent, CME Next?

The first shot was just fired in today's battle with daily record gold prices. IB always tends to be a few minutes ahead of the CME. And following last week's 22% margin hike in gold, we are confident the CME will do everything in its power to pull a "silver" on gold. Are we about to experience a barrage of margin hikes in gold? Stay tuned and find out.

Interactive Brokers bulletin board


Fri Aug 19 13:29:35 2011 EST


As a result of the volatile trading environment at the present
time, please be advised that Exchange margins and House margins are
likely to increase over the next couple of days. For exchange-
specific increases, please visit the respective websites. IB will
also be increasing the gold derivatives margin. Please monitor any
affected holdings closely and manage your risk accordingly.

h/t London Dude Trader