IrrAUSional Exuberance

While Australian bank credit spreads are rising dramatically in the last few months and the ASX 200 index has dropped significantly (though remains 27% above its 2009 lows), nowhere is the levered bet on China's ongoing dominance and growth writ larger than in the massive number associated with Australian Miners' Capex in the last few years. As Sean Corrigan of Diapason Commodities notes, the 1017% (or 39.5% annualized) rise in the absolute spend over the last 7 years clearly went exponentially ponzi-like in the last few years as it did compared to Manufacturing and Total CapEx. While equities and credit have fallen, it seems the 'expected' cut in spending from slowing China demand has yet to hit CapEx and that means troubled for all those levered bag-holders.


Source: Sean Corrigan


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