Join Jeff Gundlach In A Discussion Of Whether "Risky Assets Are Cheap Enough"

Today, at 1:15pm Pacific Time (4:15 EDT), the head of DoubleLine Funds, Jeff Gundlach will hold an open discussion and webcast on the question of whether risky assets are cheap enough. Among the headline topics will be what the most efficient portfolio allocation for the current market going forward is (for those who missed the efficient frontier including real assets, gold appears to have been the best performer over the September 2008-September 2011 with a comfortable margin especially over equities, period much to the chagrin of various naysayers).

Anyone can join the webcast at the following link; phone lines will also be made available at (877) 407-1869 or for international calls (201) 689-8044. Full webcast presentation of the webcast presented below.

Risky Assets Cheap Enough


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