JPY10 Trillion Intervention Half-Life: 5 Hours; Full Fade: 9 Hours

It appears that the Central Banks have finally reached Peak Efficacy, after shooting themselves in the head with Bernanke's asinine QEternity which leaves nothing else to be priced in. Last night's JPY10 trillion fact (no longer rumor, whisper, or promise) of more LSAP from the BoJ had its typical knee-jerk reaction but within 5 hours it was 50% retraced and now at 9 hours the entire move (and its accompanying S&P 500 future's correlated risk-on surge) have been fully retraced. In other news, there is a rumor that the Bank of Zambia is contemplated proceeding with open-ended easing to infinity and beyond. Sadly, none of this matters at all any more as monetary policy is no longer a factor in a world in which all the future CTRL-Ping is already accounted for.

Just as we said last night, minutes after the 'event':



USDJPY spike, half-life and full decay