In June Foreigners Bought Fewest US Securities Since December 2011; Biggest Corporate Bond Outflow Since January 2010

The June TIC data is out, in which we find that June was not a good month for non-US Treasury purchases by foreigners. While foreign private and public sources of buying did splurge on US Treasurys in June, purchasing a total of $32.4 billion of US paper, every other category experienced a sell off, with Agencies down $604MM, Corp Equities down $4.3 billion and Corporate bonds down a whopping $22 billion: this is the second biggest corporate bond outflow on record, topped only by the $25 billion in January 2010. Overall, June saw only $5.5 billion of net inflows into US securities, the lowest of 2012, and higher only than the big December 2011 outflow of ($17.6) billion. Still despite the big repositioning out of corporates and into Treasurys in the month in which the wheels seemed set to fall off the cart, there was little impact on the corporate market. The historical purchases and sales of US securities by foreigners can be found below.


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