Krugman vs CNBC: Round 1

This one is tough: Krugman or CNBC... Krugman or CNBC... Hmmm. From the man who in 1998 thought that "by 2005 or so, it will become clear that the Internet's impact on the economy has been no greater than the fax machine's" (via NYT of course)

Wow. I just did Squawk Box — allegedly about my book, but we never got there. Instead it was one zombie idea after another — Europe is collapsing because of big government, health care is terribly rationed in France, we can save lots of money by denying Medicare to billionaires, on and on.


Among other things, people getting their news from sources like that are probably getting terrible advice about any kind of investment that depends on macroeconomics. But it’s amazing just how skewed the policy views are too.


All that and having to get to Englewood Cliffs, too.

And MCC's response:

This is what brought it on:

Oh well, hopefully at least the ratings (or book sales) of one of the above entities rise as a result. We are looking forward to Krugman's next faxed in self-book report submission.

Finally, for those curious how a person who has nothing to do with "news sources like this" wipes the floor with Krugman, is encouraged to watch this.


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