Live Feed From The Protester Occupied Electric Power Company In Athens

As was reported yesterday, while nobody gives a rat's behind about events in Greece any more now that the focus is completely on Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, and France, or in other words, the core, things in Greece have been getting far worse since the so called coalition government was implemented. As AP reported recently, "protesting power and municipal workers blockaded several state electricity company buildings around Greece Monday, in protest at an emergency property tax being collected through electricity bills. Members of an electricity workers' union cut off power last week to the Health Ministry for four hours, and on Monday blocked the entrance to a site where power disconnection orders are issued. Pharmacies also closed in greater Athens, demanding that state-assisted health insurers settle growing  debts. On Tuesday, transport workers are to hold a four-hour stoppage to protest staff cuts." Judging by the live video below from Stop Cartel TV, which is broadcasting live at 2 am local time from Athens, the occupation of the electric power plant has continued into the second day, and according to the narrator the owner has threatened to use violence to clear out the protesters.


Watch live streaming video from stopcarteltvgr at

h/t Neosklavos